Pellet stoves


pellet stove with a SMART system of forced convection integrated smoke outlet

Round shape and sophisticated design, Evoca can be easily adapted to both classic and modern style interiors. The sides, the top and the plinth are covered in majolica. The sides are engraved with an elegant oval motif. The splaying emphasizes the silk-screened glass and the broad vision of the fire. Evoca has a steel structure and majolica coating, and it is available in three colours: glossy white, cream, glossy bordeaux.

- Integrated central flue outlet, with the possibility of installation up to 3 cm from the rear wall

- SMART ventilation: advanced software for the intelligent management of the air fan that allows the stove to operate in silent mode, guaranteeing excellent comfort.

- Standard Wi-Fi module

- Control panel equipped with backlit graphic display with TOUCH SCREEN control

- Cylindrical cast iron burner equipped with baffle plate

- Intuitive software with setting of both the ambient temperature and the maximum operating power. Equipped with STAND BY function to maintain the desired comfort of the indoor environment

- Chrono-thermostat with settable temperature and the possibility of choosing the operating power of each programmed time slot


structure body and cladding: L 59 x P 57 x H 109 cm

European reference standard for pellet stoves European Directive for biomass domestic appliances: stoves, fireplaces and kitchens (Regulations UE 2015/1185) European standards conformity mark

Available versions

glossy white

glossy white



glossy bordeaux

glossy bordeaux

Technical data

  NIS9 EVO Wi-Fi  
global thermal output 9,3 kW
nominal thermal output 3,8 - 8,6 kW
CO emission at 13% oxygen 0,0027 %
efficiency 92,1 %
fuel consumption 0,83 - 1,94 kg/h
smokes mass flow 3,1 - 6,2 g/s
smokes temperature 63 - 135 °C
flue draught pressure 7 Pa
fuel capacity 18 Kg
autonomy 21,5 - 9 h
fuel exite pipe Ø 80 mm
combustion air intake Ø 60 mm
net weight 80 kg
weight with packaging 92 kg


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