Pellet stoves

  • How much do I save by purchasing a pellet burning stove?

    The pellet system is one of the most economic and ecological heating systems available on the market. Caminetti Montegrappa pellet stoves allow a further reduction in consumption, guaranteeing greater fuel savings. Moreover, the purchase of Caminetti Montegrappa pellet stoves entitles you to specific state incentives and tax deductions.

  • Is the first ignition procedure compulsory?

    For Caminetti Montegrappa pellet stoves, the first ignition procedure is not compulsory. In fact, each product is tested individually at the end of the production line, simulating a cold ignition. The test therefore makes the first ignition procedure optional and allows for a savings on the cost of initial technical support.

  • How do ventilated air pellet stoves work?

    Caminetti Montegrappa ventilated air pellet stoves are powerful and quite and the allow rapid heat distribution in the environment where the apparatus is placed. The fans can be operated independently to increase comfort and the yield of the stove.

Wood burning stoves

  • How much do I save by purchasing a wood burning stove?

    Wood is absolutely the most economic fuel. The materials with which Caminetti Montegrappa wood burning stoves are designed and built guarantee optimum performance, long life and exceptional heat conductivity, characteristics which lead to further savings. Our products area also eligible for specific state incentives that make the purchase of Caminetti Montegrappa wood burning stoves even more advantageous.


  • Why choose an insert?

    Inserts are the ideal solution when you want to recover an open fireplace. The Caminetti Montegrappa inserts, both pellet and wood burning, are designed to easily adapt to pre-existing structures. The elegant and minimal design of the apparatus makes it perfectly adaptable to any environment and style.


  • Wood burning stove, pellet burning stove or insert? Which is best for me?

    To find the most suitable Caminetti Montegrappa product for the needs of each situation, a few factors must be taken into consideration. Those who love to see the open flame and the heat of wood will undoubtedly choose a wood burning stove or wood burning insert. The pellet burning products are indisputably more economic in the long run and have greater thermal yield.

    In terms of fuel, wood is more economical than pellets, but it requires a place where it can be stacked. Pellets, on the other hand, cost more but do not require much space. A further assessment that should be made has to do with the possibility of adjusting the flame in the pellet stove, which allows you not to have to constantly load the fuel because it has an automated system.

    The insert, which can be either pellet or wood, is the ideal solution for those who have a pre-existing structure and/or want to recover an open fireplace. The inserts are more compact than stoves. Thanks to their design and their versatility, they easily adapt to any type of environment.

  • How do I choose the perfect pellet stove for me?

    Caminetti Montegrappa offers a vast range of selections. Depending on requirements, the type of environment and habits, you can choose the stove that is most suited to your needs.

    If you only need to heat one room, it is better to use a ventilated air pellet stove. Otherwise, if the objective is to heat several rooms, the ideal solution is a channelled air stove. Installation with a top smoke outlet, on the other hand, avoids the need to create an air inlet to ventilate the room in which the stove is located. A hermetically sealed pellet stove is the best choice for a passive home or to be positioned in a single-room dwelling or bedroom. For those who want to cut down on consumption and want an apparatus that will operate even in the event of a blackout, the ideal solution is a low voltage stove. Those who want silence and maximum comfort can opt for the ventilated air pellet stove with Automatic Security System (ASS), the smart ventilation system that switches on the fan only when needed. Thanks to the small dimensions, a stove with built-in smoke exhaust is the ideal solution for those who do not have a lot of space or who want to place the apparatus in a narrow hallway. Those who want to heat domestic water and/or central heating can, on the other hand, choose a pellet thermo-stove. Last, but not least, for those who want top shelf design combined with the highest technology, Caminetti Montegrappa has designed Alter Ego, the pellet stove with an exclusive PlugIn patent with unique and sophisticated lines.

    The same Caminetti Montegrappa cladding is available for several devices. The stove will have the same aesthetic characteristics, but the technical features will change, depending on the body selected. This is possible thanks to the Caminetti Montegrappa Smart Platform, which allows interchangeability of the stove bodies and claddings. Basically, if fashion and style change, only the cladding is changed.

  • Open fireplaces and thermal fireplaces: what is the difference?

    With the same amount of fuel, a thermal fireplace produces more heat and energy than an open fireplace. The closed-firebox thermal fireplace is therefore the most ecological and most economical choice over the long term.

  • Can it be furnished with a fireplace?

    The solutions designed by Caminetti Montegrappa adapt to all interior decorating styles and all needs, with flat chimneys, corner and three-faced and with a vast selection of claddings and decorative elements.

  • Where can I purchase Caminetti Montegrappa products?

    Caminetti Montegrappa products can be purchased at the retail sale points of our authorised resellers.

  • Where do I find the prices of Montegrappa products?

    The prices of our products can be seen at the retail sale points of our authorised resellers.

Installation and maintenance

  • How do you install a pellet stove?

    Installation of a pellet stove must be carried out exclusively by a certified professional in order to be certain that the entire procedure is carried out correctly. The first ignition of pellet stoves, on the other hand, is not compulsory. This is possible because each individual Caminetti Montegrappa stove is tested at the end of the production process, simulating a cold ignition. This guarantees correct operation of the apparatus. Moreover, the warranty goes into effect from the product date of purchase (fiscal receipt or invoice) and is therefore not bound to the first ignition procedure.

  • How do you install a wood stove?

    Installation of a wood burning stove must be carried out exclusively by a certified professional in order to be certain that the entire procedure has been carried out correctly.

  • Is a dedicated air inlet needed in the room where the stove is installed?

    Yes, the dedicated air inlet is required in order to allow the oxygen to flow that is needed for combustion and to guarantee perfect draught along the chimney.

  • Can a pellet stove be installed without a flue?

    This type of installation does not comply with legal requirements in many European countries, including Italy, and is harmful both to the health and the environment. It is therefore highly ill-advised to install a pellet stove against the wall without a flue.

  • Up to what distance is it possible to channel a stove?

    It is possible to channel the hot air produced by the pellet stove to a distance of up to 8 metres, linear and insulated, for each outlet.


  • How do you clean a pellet stove?

    Caminetti Montegrappa pellet stoves are easy to clean and are low maintenance, especially if the pellet used is certified. To remove the ash, simply use the ash vacuum about every two days. For encrustations, on the other hand, the brazier must be removed and the holes and grate must be cleaned.

  • How can I clean the stove glass?

    A dry brush is all you need to remove the ash from the stove glass. If there are encrustations, a specific glass cleaning spray or an abrasive-free detergent must be used.

  • Who should you contact to carry out annual maintenance?

    Annual maintenance on the stove is required by law. You must contact an authorised technician who will verify that all parts of the stove operate correctly and take care of repairing and/or replacing any damaged, worn or non-functional parts.

Warranty, accessories and replacement parts

  • Where can I find a replacement part?

    Replacement parts for Caminetti Montegrappa products cannot be sold directly. The nearest Authorised Technical Support Centre must be contacted and either they or an authorised reseller will take care of replacing and installing the new piece.

  • How does the warranty work?

    Caminetti Montegrappa products are covered by warranty for two years from the date indicated on the proof of purchase document (sales invoice or fiscal receipt). The warranty also includes free replacement and repair of any factory defective parts. Please remember that for pellet stoves, the warranty goes into effect in any case from the product date of purchase (fiscal receipt or invoice) and is therefore not bound to the first ignition procedure.

Solution to the most common problems

  • I smell the odour of paint after the first ignition. What should I do?

    The odour of paint generally disappears after the stove has been ignited a couple of times. To eliminate it, simply ignite the stove to maximum power for a few hours. The high temperature speeds up the fixing of the paints, which is the cause of the odour. In any case, the paints used are not hazardous to the health.

  • My stove does not heat up enough. What should I do?

    The causes can be of various origins. It is always advisable to have the Authorised Technical Service Centre check (fees may be charged for the operations) to understand the cause of the insufficient heat production.

  • Why does the stove glass often blacken?

    Combustion residues should disperse through the flue, therefore, if there are significant encrustations on the glass of the stove, a check by the Technical Support Centre is needed (a fee may be charged for operations) in order to identify the causes of any ash residues.