Wood stoves


wood natural convection, forced convection, ducted warm air

Square shape and rigorous design, the front and the plinth are decorated with a geometric pattern. The Tile coating is in majolica, the structure in painted steel. Tile XW is available in four colours: matt white, dove colour, grey, glossy bordeaux.

Pleasant aesthetics

Space space optimization

Longer life, guaranteed by the use of cast iron

Reduction of wood consumption for greater savings

Reduction of polluting emissions

Minimal and easy maintenance: the cleaning of the stove is quick and easy

Available in natural convention, with hot air kit or ducted hot air kit

Easy installation of the ventilation kit

Adjustment of the ducting fan

Certified to get the benefits of tax deductions


structure body and cladding: L 48 x P 57 x H 109 cm

Swiss ordinance on Air Pollution Control (OlAt) Swiss ordinance on Air Pollution Control (OlAt) German order against air pollution Austrian federal standard art. 15a European reference standard for wood stoves European Directive for biomass domestic appliances: stoves, fireplaces and kitchens (Regulations UE 2015/1185) European standards conformity mark

Available versions

matt white

matt white

dove colour

dove colour



glossy bordeaux

glossy bordeaux

Technical data

  LH9 LH12  
nominal thermal output 9,0 12,0 kW
CO emission at 13% oxygen ≤ 0,10 ≤ 0,30 %
efficiency ≥ 80,0 ≥ 75,0 %
average fuel consumption 2,70 3,60 kg/h
flue gas mass flow 7,10 8,10 g/s
flue gas temperature 270 352 °C
flue draught pressure 12 12 Pa
flue exite pipe Ø 150 Ø 150 mm
min. height of chimney flue 3 3 m
net weight 95 95 kg
weight with packaging 108 108 kg


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