Pellet inserts


pellet insert

Pellet insert with horizontal shape, minimal design and simple and pure lines, which easily adapts to all environments. The door kit is available in three different sizes, 65, 75 and 85 cm. The beauty of simplicity: with a minimal design and pure lines, the black painted steel frame enhances the large silk-screened glass and the wide view of the fire.

Customization and adaptability to any type of environment

Possibility for the user to adjust the pellet combustion calibration

Possibility to choose between three pellet loading systems: upper drawer - loading hopper (both accessories) - extraction of the appliance

Possibility to channel the air with an optional accessory

Silence and maximum comfort

Reduction of consumption of pellets for greater savings

Reduction of polluting emissions

Maximum adaptability to all types of pellets, to the flue and to the different types of installation

Minimal and easy maintenance: insert cleaning is quick and easy

Longer life, guaranteed by the use of cast iron

Certified to obtain the benefits of the Thermal Account 2.0 and tax deductions


Swiss ordinance on Air Pollution Control (OlAt) Swiss ordinance on Air Pollution Control (OlAt) German order against air pollution Austrian federal standard art. 15a European reference standard for inserts and fireplaces

Technical data



Gli inserti a pellet ATOMO 2.0 ad aria calda ventilata sono disponibili con un unico livello di potenza: 9 kW. I corpi sono abbinabili a tre misure di kit porta da 65, 75 e 85 cm. In dotazione un pannello comandi. Per garantire rendimenti elevati e combustioni ottimali dispongono di due applicazioni tecnologiche importanti: Automatic Power System e Kit Controllo Combustione. Per questi inserti sono disponibili le cornici MINIMAL 65-75-85 in lamiera d’acciaio verniciata nera.

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