ATOMO 65 - 75 - 85

The pellet-burning inserts and AUTOMATIC POWER SYSTEM

These new inserts have been created not only to replace obsolete fireplaces, but also to offer solutions which are totally innovative. For this reason, two new frames have been designed: MINIMAL, in black painted steel sheet and GOLDEN in Dorata stone (available for all the ATOMO models, even for those with top drawer). The insert can protrude by 150 mm and needs to be installed in a hole with a depth of at least 510 mm. The pellet hopper can be filled either sliding the turned off insert out, which is the standard option, or installing one of the two optional accessories available: either through an upper box, at 70 mm height, or by means of a loading hopper mounted on the hood/boxing and connected to it by means of a tube.
ATOMO avails of a centrifugal fan with 450 m3/h air flow and the hot air is conveyed frontally. There are other optional accessories for the air channelling, one framed extension kit and a supporting base with different heights ranging between 450 mm and 700 mm. The design with the all-glass door highlights the flame and allows a wider view of the fire. The appliance is equipped with a wall control panel and a 5 cm frame extension kit (the height of the sides foresees the installation of the upper box kit).

Technical data
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This appliance is equipped with the AUTOMATIC POWER SYSTEM, which automatically modul ate the thermal output according to the real heat demand of the installation room, so as to reach and keep the desired well-being as long as possible and in any conditions, and thus avoiding uncomfortable and economically unfavorable temperature increases.

Technical data
  ATOMO 65 - 75 - 85
nominal thermal output 2,7 - 9,0 kW
electrical output 100 - 460 W
CO emission at 13% oxygen ≤ 0,02 %
efficiency ≥ 85 %
fuel consumption 0,58 - 2,17 kg/h
flue gas mass flow 4,26 - 8,31 g/s
flue gas temperature 92 - 219 °C
flue draught pressure 11 Pa
fuel capacity 15 Kg
burn time 7 - 25 h
flue exit pipe Ø 80 mm
combustion air intake 50 x 30 mm
heatable area at nominal thermal output 104 *m2
net weight Atomo 65: 120 kg - Atomo 75: 124 kg - Atomo 85: 128 kg
weight with packaging Atomo 65: 129,5 kg - Atomo 75: 133,5 kg - Atomo 85: 137,5 kg

*with the conditions present in the catalogues

  • OPPER BOX with reversible door
  • LOADING HOPPER comprises: Hopper + connector + frame
  • Frame increased extension kit composed by: 3 black-painted holed steel profiles
  • SUPPORTING BASE with different heights: 45cm - 50cm - 55cm - 60cm - 65cm - 70cm
  • ATOMO AIR CHANNELLING KIT composed by: Clamps with air deflectors + Cover + Ø 8cm Flexible connections lenght 300cm + Ø 8cm Grilles with outlet