The wood-burning closed fireplace complete with vertical slide door - kits for forced and natural convection air available on request

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Technical data
  natural convection
nominal thermal output 9,5 kW
CO emission at 13% oxygen ≤ 0.12 %
efficiency ≥ 77,9 %
average fuel consumption 2,63 kg/h
flue gas mass flow 12,0 g/s
flue gas temperature 259°C
flue draught pressure 12 Pa
flue exit pipe Ø 200 mm
internal section of chimney flue Ø 20 cm / 20x20 cm
min. height of chimney flue 4 m
air inlet ducts 2 x Ø 12 cm
heatable area at nominal thermal output 118* m2
net weight 212 kg
weight with packaging 233 kg

*with the conditions present in the catalogues