The wood-burning closed fireplace complete with vertical slide door - kits for forced and natural convection air and for the electrical sliding motor are available on request

Technical data
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New perception of fire

All fireplaces LIGHT serie will be equipped with the "hearth-saver plate" in painted steel for installations without cladding. For all models the motorized door system kit with radiocontrol is available and can be purchased saparately. They are characterized by the ceramic glass door which allows a complete visual of the combustion chamber and resists temperatures of up to 750° C.

The door avails of a spring-lock closing system and can be opened or closed by raising and lowering it using a cold handle. the open/close mechanism utilizes the consolidated and reliable column system currently mounted on Caminetti Montegrappa monoblocs.

the door also opens on a tilt mechanism to allow for the cleaning of the glass.

Technical data
  natural convection  
output 6,8 - 13,6 kW
nominal thermal output 10,5 kW
CO emission at 13% oxygen ≤ 0,10 %
efficiency ≥ 80,0 %
average fuel consumption 3,00 kg/h
flue gas mass flow 10,1 g/s
flue gas temperature 253 °C
flue draught pressure 11 Pa
flue exit pipe Ø 180 mm
internal section of chimney flue Ø 18 / ☐ 18x18 cm
min. height of chimney flue 4 m
air inlet ducts 2 x Ø 15 cm
heatable area at nominal thermal output 120 *m2
net weight 200 kg
weight with packaging 215 kg
hearth height ≥ 25 cm
hearth height with forced air channelling kit ≥ 35 cm

*with the conditions present in the catalogues

  • Natural air convection channelling kit
  • Forced air channelling kit
  • protective sheet plate lining
  • primary air channeling kit
  • grille and outlet