Pellet-burning closed fireplace with a system of ducted warm air door with mirror glass (MIRROR) or with black painted glass (BLACK) and AUTOMATIC POWER SYSTEM - KCC

Technical data
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This appliance is equipped with the AUTOMATIC POWER SYSTEM, which automatically modul ate the thermal output according to the real heat demand of the installation room, so as to reach and keep the desired well-being as long as possible and in any conditions, and thus avoiding uncomfortable and economically unfavorable temperature increases. The system considers the beginning temperature, the desired temperature and the time needed to reach it, adjusting itself accordingly and optimizing the fuel consumption, thanks to the combustion control kit (KCC). This device adapts itself to the different pellet
types, to the different installation solutions, to the sea-level, to the burner and heat exchanger cleanliness, thus ensuring a more efficient and performing combustion, which optimizes consumption and reduces maintenance operations.

Technical data
corpo stufa LX 9 kW (inside X9) 12 kW (inside X12)  
nominal thermal output 2,7 - 9,0 2,7 - 12,0 kW
electrical output 100 - 460 100 - 460 W
CO emission at 13% oxygen ≤ 0,02 ≤ 0,02 %
efficiency ≥ 85 ≥ 85 %
fuel consumption 0,63 - 2,17 0,63 - 2,91 kg/h
flue gas mass flow 4,32 - 6,81 4,32 - 8,49 g/s
flue gas temperature 124 - 189 124 - 230 °C
flue draught pressure 11 11 Pa
fuel capacity 45 45 Kg
burn time 20 - 68 15,5 - 68 h
flue exit pipe Ø 80 Ø 80 mm
combustion air intake 40 x 40 40 x 40 mm
heatable area at nominal thermal output 104 137 *m2
net weight 133 kg INSIDE X
weight with packaging 155 kg INSIDE X

*with the conditions present in the catalogues

  • Optional radio control
  • Optional GSM remote control kit with a sms it is possible to turn on or off the stove (available for the new pellet stoves)
  • warm air-ducting kit
  • air primary kit