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The products of Caminetti Montegrappa, result of a long history of technology at the service of innovation, consist of a wide range of heating appliances, entirely made in Italy, that ensure maximum comfort and full respect for the environment. For further information see the section products.

First of all, they are stoves, boilers and fireplaces that use wood and pellet: natural materials and renewable energy sources. Moreover, these appliances have been projected to last long, to keep their high efficiency unaltered and to guarantee high performance and low emissions.
This is the reason why they have a perfect combustion and contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of traditional heating systems.

To this end, Caminetti Montegrappa has equipped itself with an in-house testing laboratory, provided with the latest analysis instruments to assess the technical and functional requirements of the products.
In the laboratory a team of experts submits every new product to functioning, duration, material endurance and performance tests before sending them to notified laboratories for the final certification. It is only after this procedure that the appliances are lunched in the market.


Caminetti Montegrappa fireplaces, stoves and boilers are very easy to use, thanks to the modern automation tools they are equipped with, which allow an easy everyday control, especially in the case of pellet-burning appliances.
Specific technical devices limit the need for maintenance and cleaning operations, first of all on the glass, thus combining usefulness in heating terms, and functional practicality.

The impeccable design confirms the versatility of Italian taste, where every detail is looked after and adapts itself to any decoration style, thanks to refined claddings and technological materials.
Among so many proposals, it is possible to choose the best solution for the room given, having the absolute certainty that a touch of style and a warmth comfort will be added.